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From it’s fresh cherry (grown 200-2000 meters above sea level) to coffee ground that can be used as fertiliser, coffee is truly a nature’s treasure. It can be savored in many forms:

Aroma Savoring, the natural fragrance of roasted coffee beans preserved in our MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), to the aroma released during grinding process (dry aroma) and to a cup of coffee brewed (wet aroma).

Coffee Taste: Our green coffee beans sourced from over the world and roast with different roasting profile may carry coffee hint such as floral & fruity, nutty and chocolaty etc.

Mouth Feel & Aftertaste: You can taste the sweetness/aroma lingering in  your mouth. The sweetness preserved even when the cup is finished will charm you.

Why is coffee consumption increasingly vital at a workplace?

Not to mention health benefits correlated with coffee consuming, research also shows that coffee boots positive energy.

“A happy employee is a productive employee”. Drinking coffee stimulates creativity and productivity at work thus drives a positive work culture and healthy work relation. Coffee served to guests is beyond an act of coutersy, it is regarded as appreciation to their visits and hence project a positive business image and standard.
One Stop Coffee Solution

At Excelplus, we provide wide selections of coffee machines and coffee products, be it a fully automatic coffee macihe, semi auto coffee machine, 100% coffee bean, traditional coffee bean, drip coffee to instant coffee.

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Let us help identify coffee machine and products that are suitable for your organization, whether you’re looking for a machine for show gallaries, meeting room, office or personal use, we have one stop solution to meet your requirements

Installation, Training and Product Delivery

We provide complimentary installation, training and product delivery across Malaysia.

Warranty / After-sales Service

Extended machine warranty for each machine that you purchase. Worry-free after sales service with experienced technical specialists ready to assist you.

Call us for consultation or servicing, regardless of who or where you purchase Mister Coffee or Jura machines from. We also provide excellent service rate to our customer, check out our attractive servicing packages to save more!

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