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KCM Fully Automated Coffee Machine

Optimize Hygiene

Pipe systems for milk and coffee are seperated to ensure perfect result and hygiene. Detachable milk spout for further cleaning is designed.

Simple & User Friendly Touch Screen

Selfexplanatory screen that makes operation incredibly simple. Everyone can operate and brew!

Auto Cleaning

Self-testing when machine is switched on and cleaning when off. Machine will also prompt to rinse milk unit if milk coffee is brewed.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

One Touch Technology

Coffee / Cappuccino / Latte can be brewed with just one simple touch without the trouble to move cup.

Rotary Button

Simply turn the rotary button for On-Time adjustment of coffee strength and water/milk volume. Fulfill your personal preference apart from programmed beverages.

P.E.P. Function (Pulse Extraction Process)

Pre-infusion allows water saturation in coffee and optimizes full flavors and aroma extraction. You get quality coffee from cup to cup.

Office Coffee Supply

Working hard at your office and you wish you can have a cup of finest coffee? Now everyone can do it. We offer “Office Coffee Supply” solution to all businesses so your staff can enjoy coffee while they are working, also increase productivity at the same time. So, why not?


Coffee Machines

Buy one of our selected machines and start brew you own coffee at your office now.

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Start Your Day with Finest Coffee

If you think coffee can only for refreshing yourself, then you are so wrong. The latest research show that coffee can also bring you health benefits from helping prevent diabetes to lowering the risk of liver disease.

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Authorized Reseller of Mister Coffee and Jura

ExcelPlus is so proud to be authorized reseller of Mister Coffee and Jura.

Mister Coffee


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